How it started

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My fiance, 'R', was working in a technical role supporting artists for a well known animation company based out of Marin.  We had dinner one night with an ex-colleague of my fiance and a few other co-workers.  

Turns out he was now working for a well known visual effects company based out of Wellington, New Zealand.  He had been participating in SIGGRAPH down in LA and decided to make a trip up to San Francisco to "catch up with some people" before heading back.  Dinner was nice.  I felt like somewhat of an outsider.  While I was familiar with several of my fiance's co-workers, this was my first introduction to the guest of honor.  As dinner came to an end it became clear that 'B' was actually on more of a recruiting mission.  
We left dinner and headed out to the bar where my fiance and I teased with the idea that we could have the opportunity to go down and work in New Zealand for a year.

"I thought we needed 3-5 years industry experience before we would qualify for such a gig?"
"Well, that applies more to the artists... bottom line is that we need a lot of people to handle the work that is ahead of us.  You two are currently working for well known successfull companies.  It wouldn't be too difficult to bring you down if you might be interested."

3 hours later after several cocktails and additional conversation we dropped 'B' off at his hotel and headed home.

"That was a crazy night," I thought.

Almost a month went by.  Then one day I got an urgent email from 'R'.... no message, but the subject was clear: "sendin your resume."

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