Interviews and Offers

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Our interviews were done over the phone on Sunday nights, Monday afternoon New Zealand time.  I had one interview, Regina had two, one for the Production Engineer position and one for the Animation Technical Director position.

"Following your correspondence with the Prod Eng. team, I can confirm that we are very keen to explore the possibility of offering you a contract as a Production Engineer."

Regina got a similar email and the negotiations began.  It was a bit confusing at times.  There were times where we spoke in terms of the NZ Dollar and other times we spoke in terms of the US Dollar.  I built a spread sheet the queried the current exchange rate and displayed both rates in increments for hour, day, week, year, OT and various combinations.  We had to take into account that this was a contract position which didn't include benefits.  New Zealand also has a different taxation system.  There was a lot to think about. 

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