Packing and Liquidation

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This is really happening...
7 years of moving at least once each year really does a number on a person's collection of stuff.
Despite this reality we had a ton of junk to get rid of.

What do we keep?
Should we donate that?
Maybe my brother could us it.

omg what about the Cats!
As soon as we got our offers we purging.
Weekends were spend sifting through old clothes and books.  I made a goal for myself... I only want to ever have 2 weeks worth of clothes.  Digging through my closet and dresser drawers I was immediately faced with the need to divorce articles of clothing that I had lived with for 10+ years.  "This is a good thing," I kept telling myself.

Next on the chopping block was old TVs, computers, stereo recievers, half blown speakers, IKEA furniture, kitchen appliances... that coffee maker and toaster that I bought in 1999 when I moved out of my parents house.

Oh man, is this cleansing or what!  I learned how to use craigslist.

Over the Christmas holiday we took a trip down through central California and rented a storage unit.  Only 5x10x10ft of stuff was kept.  Everything that I own will either be in that storage unit or fit in two suitcases and a backpack.

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