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Things are going well.
Things at work are, very... free form, I guess is the best way I can explain it.

There is very much a mentality that says the artist get to do what ever they want. 
There are a ton of really cool tools, but between the people in my group, the code group, and each department... often there seems to be "too many cooks in the kitchen."
There is stuff everywhere and pipelines inside of pipelines that seem to constantly double back on themselves.  So far it has been quite the learning experience. There is a lot to do.
It is interesting... it sounds like a lot of studios encounter the same basic problems but in their own different ways.

It is strange though, getting used to the idea that everyone gets to do what ever they want.  It is almost like anarchy.  If one dept doesn't want to wait for the other deptartment... well, if they have the skill, they will do it themselves.  We could spend a ton of time working on a super cool new tool but by the time we are done, they won't want to use it.  or they had someone else write something up that is buggy, slow and stupid but does the job enough to get them through.

Confidence is a necessity.  If you see something that can be improved, DO IT!  Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.  On one hand it is nice to know that I have so much to offer but on the other.... all I can think about is ripping everything out of the wall.  *sigh*

So... I am slowly following each thread to see if there is an opportunity to isolate it from the ball of mess.  There are quite a few candidates.  In the mean time I get to add my own patches of duct tape and super glue to the pile!

It has been summer so the weather has been nice, I am told.  The sun is brutal.  The rain is quick but very wet.  The people are nice.  I can drive on the other side of the road now.

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