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I got a new laptop and decided to go "balls to the wall" with my linux experience and put a gentoo install on it. Gentoo is known to be one of the more challenging linux distrobutions because it requires a lot of work onthe user side of things to get all of the operating system parts compiled specifically to the users hardware. This has a benefit of giving the user the best performance but requires a lot of knob turning.

Now that I have my hardware, the next step is begining the install by booting the machine using an install ISO file or LiveCD.  Unfortunately I don't have any blank CDs laying around.  I do have a 1gb USB flash drive though!  I have always heard/read about people booting computers using linux that is installed onto a USB flash drive. 

Well... if we are using gentoo to really get down and dirty... what better way to start then figuring out how to install the gentoo install-x86-minimal-2008.0.iso onto the flash drive.  No need for a blank CD.

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