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I have had this nagging thought floating around in my head for a couple years now that was just re-ignighted today.  Some of the books that I have ordered came in the mail today.

The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero, by Robert Kaplan
e: the Story of a Number, by Eli Maor

It was as I skimmed through the preface of the latter book that the spark hit me.
It contained a short narative about Pi and how its exact value has been difficult to completely understand for many thousands of years.

When trying to solve a problem in computer science whe have several "tools" in the form of programming languages that come in handy when something is strange, difficult or abstract.  Often times if a concept is difficult to grasp in one language we will switch to another to handle that piece of the puzzle and translate it so that the other can get what it needs out of it.

Can we do this in math too?
What is math really?

If the way we approach math today makes it difficult to process certain concepts why don't we use a different math?

Does it work this way?
Is that what multi-dimensional physics and string theory are all about?

Dreaming In Code

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I finally finished reading this book: Dreaming In Code by Scott Rosenberg.

I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in the software development process. It is written in a way that allows easy digestion for anyone, geek or not, yet still engages those of us that are neck deep.

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