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Sphinx: Python Documentation Builder

We have a weekly show-n-tell at work and this came up for one of the presentations.
Sphinx uses restructured text (ReST) to generate and build documentation in a variety of formats.

Some cool things about it are how it handles python code examples.
It will actually run/test code using docstring tests during the build process to ensure that you are including examples that actually work!

It also uses Pygments: Python Syntax Highlighter to give all of your code snips that professional look.

The build process will generate HTML, Latex to PDF and a bunch of other such portable/publishable type formats.

I am going to experiment with redesigning my resume/portfolio site with it.
I thought this might be usesfull for this process considering a lot of my projects that I would like to highlight on my resume site are very technical and require technical documentation.

Here are some example sites that use sphinx:

SQL Alchemy
Pysparse v1.0.2 documentations
Pyevolve documentation

There is a more comprehensive list available on at the sphinx site.  The links above are some of the more unique designs that I picked out as examples.

vacant anarchy

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Things are going well.
Things at work are, very... free form, I guess is the best way I can explain it.

There is very much a mentality that says the artist get to do what ever they want. 
There are a ton of really cool tools, but between the people in my group, the code group, and each department... often there seems to be "too many cooks in the kitchen."

Dreaming In Code

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I finally finished reading this book: Dreaming In Code by Scott Rosenberg.

I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in the software development process. It is written in a way that allows easy digestion for anyone, geek or not, yet still engages those of us that are neck deep.

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