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Packing and Liquidation

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This is really happening...
7 years of moving at least once each year really does a number on a person's collection of stuff.
Despite this reality we had a ton of junk to get rid of.

What do we keep?
Should we donate that?
Maybe my brother could us it.

omg what about the Cats!


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Aaaaaand..... we're in!
By mid-November we finally reached an agreement in our negotiations.  Regina and I both accepted contracts to work in Wellington, NZ for 11 months starting at the end of January 2009.

Interviews and Offers

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Our interviews were done over the phone on Sunday nights, Monday afternoon New Zealand time.  I had one interview, Regina had two, one for the Production Engineer position and one for the Animation Technical Director position.

"Following your correspondence with the Prod Eng. team, I can confirm that we are very keen to explore the possibility of offering you a contract as a Production Engineer."

How it started

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My fiance, 'R', was working in a technical role supporting artists for a well known animation company based out of Marin.  We had dinner one night with an ex-colleague of my fiance and a few other co-workers.  

Turns out he was now working for a well known visual effects company based out of Wellington, New Zealand.  He had been participating in SIGGRAPH down in LA and decided to make a trip up to San Francisco to "catch up with some people" before heading back.  Dinner was nice.  I felt like somewhat of an outsider.  While I was familiar with several of my fiance's co-workers, this was my first introduction to the guest of honor.  As dinner came to an end it became clear that 'B' was actually on more of a recruiting mission.  

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